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It Might Get Loud

Picture this - The Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White together banging out music on the guitar and divulging their lives in respect to music. At least that's what directory Davis Guggenheim envisioned when he brought the trio together for a new movie called It Might Get Loud. Hell yea it will!

Guitar lovers everywhere LOVE to rock out - at least that's what the sales figures of the Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour games. So when Konami announced their latest creation, Rock Revolution, won't come with guitar peripheral made specifically for the game - fans might be disappointed.

We say "might" because, while the new game is apparently designed mostly to work the drums... it'll also work with the competitors guitars. Yep, that's right... they won't give you a guitar and they expect you to have one from another game if you want to use it. Man, that blows. What's the deal?

Who says you need good hands to play the guitar? Not Mark Goffeney, a guitarist who was born without any arms. He serves as an inspiration to all those people who were told they couldn't do it, that with determination and a strong heart you can do anything. In Mark's case, it's the love of music.

Guitar World Magaize

Guitar World Magaize

I just finished reading the issue of guitar world magazine and I wanted to share a few of the things I learned in this month’s issue.

Chord inversions are one of those things that often seem a lot more complex then they really are. A lot of guitar players push off learning how to play chord inversions on guitar because they think it is too complicated for them. In this lesson I will try and break down what chord inversions are and show you how to play a few of them. And once you understand what chords inversions are you will be able to figure out all sorts of them on your own.

I am not crazy about most shredders. There are only a few who I really like. I just think the whole speed and tapping bit gets a little tired and tasteless from time to time. But there are some shredders that I do like. And Steve Vai is one of them. I think his songs are tasteful and musically interesting. That’s why I chose this liver performance for this week’s great guitar video.

guitar thumb positionI just read a great post on a new blog I found today. The blog is called “A Guitar Teacher’s Lesson Notebook” and the post was titled “A Memo From the Department of Thumb Placement Correction”

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