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When you are first getting into playing guitar and need to purchase one, there are three steps that every new guitarist should take when choosing their instrument. For beginners, it can sometimes feel overwhelming but following these three steps will ensure or at least give you a much better chance of getting the guitar that you love.

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As a beginning guitar player choosing that first instrument can be an overwhelming decision. There are a large variety of acoustic guitars to choose from, all at different prices, with many features. As a new player you want to choose a good instrument, but may not have the knowledge to know what is good and what is not.

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The Great Pick Decision

choosing a guitar pick-dunlop tortex picksStuck on which pick to use for guitar? Here is a great post on chosing a guitar pick submitted by Giles Dickerson. If you want to submit a post to The Guitar Resource please contact me.

I figured I'd cover picks (or the plectrum, which is so strange to me I still can't say it and have it sound normal to me, it sounds more like a body part than a musical accessory) even though I didn't spend a huge amount of time on thinking about this to be honest. Sometimes to me a little advice communicated in the right way is all I need to make a decision. There are a lot of picks out there. In fact, it's a little ridiculous. Could each one offer something unique? There's every shape, size, density, material, and cost out there. How did I pick the ones to start with? My buddy handed them to me at guitar center and said "Here use these". My ignorant comment ofcourse was something like "Oh these are good?". No they're awful that's why I picked them out for you. So there you have it.

Just starting with the guitar? A master of the instrument? I recommend the Dunlop .60mm Tortext Standard Number 418 medium orange pick. Not too thick, not too thin, and according to their website they offer some sort of fantastic "memory".

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GuitarFact.com has an interesting post titled Common Amplifier Myths Guitarists Should Know About . This is a great post that sheds light on two common guitar amplifier myths about wattage vs. volume and Hybrid amps, two areas I don’t really know much about. So check out the post and please post your thoughts to the comments.

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ebay logoBefore you read this article on buying guitar effects pedals you might want to read Part I of the Buying On eBay series which gives a general overview on buying from eBay as well as some specifics to buying guitars. In this post I am just going to dive right into the specifics on buying guitar effect pedals on eBay.

I personally think that effects pedals are the easiest guitar gear to buy on eBay and have the least risk involved. Why? Well for one most guitar pedals do not cost close to as much as a guitar or an amp. So even if you did end up getting scammed it is not as high of a risk as shelling out $500+ dollars.

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buying guitars on ebay
Many people often consider buying their guitar gear on Ebay but are hesitant to do so for fear of being scammed. In this series on buying guitar gear on Ebay I hope to cover some of the pros and cons of buying guitar gear on Ebay. I will break this down into separate series for different types of guitar gear. In this post I will cover buying a guitar on Ebay.

Reasons people buy on ebay
Before I get into the specifics, let’s talk about the main reason people buy anything from Ebay—to save money. Buying on Ebay will save you money for a number of reasons. First, you have the opportunity to by something used off someone else. If that item is in good condition you can save significantly compared to buying it new. But you can even save on new items on Ebay. Because everyone is bidding on something you will end up paying the fair market value because most people aren’t willing to bid more than an item is worth. It’s classic economics—supply and demand.

Other reasons people buy on Ebay include being able to purchase something that s no longer available in stores and buying non working items and parts to fix themselves.

Why people don’t buy on ebay
The biggest concern with buying on Ebay is getting ripped off or scammed. But Ebay wants you to buy from them and therefore they have put practices in place that drastically limit the chances of you being scammed by another ebayer:

Ebay Feedback System
Ebay has a unique feedback scoring system that gives buyers information on sellers. The feedback system allows users to rate buyers with positive, negative, or neutral feedback, as well as leave a short comment about the transaction. While you I wouldn’t say you should only buy from sellers with 100% positive feedback, I wouldn’t buy from anyone with less than 90% positive feedback. But I also like to make sure the person I am buying from has over 50 feedback scores, and they should be a good mix of buyer and seller feedback.

Fraud Protection
The best way to make sure you are protected against any fraud is to pay with a credit card through PayPal. PayPal offers buyer protection ranging from $200 - $2000 at no extra charge. Plus most credit card companies do not hold you liable for fraudulent charges. This way if anything does happen you will be reimbursed. For more information on fraud protection Click here or read about buyer protection programs.

Buying a guitar on ebay
Now let’s talk about buying your axe on Ebay. Most guitar players need to play a guitar before they shell out cash for it. This prevents a lot of guitar players from even considering Ebay as an option for buying a guitar. But these worries should not stop you from buying on Ebay. Why? There are a few reasons.

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Languedoc Guitars Now For Sale

Languedoc guitars for salePaul Languedoc, the maker of Trey Anastasio’s (Phish) famous guitar is now selling guitars to the general public. These guitars are really sweet and if you listen to any Phish, you know how great they sound. There are a few models for sale and they are all built after you order, so you know you are getting a great new guitar.

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