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itunes mp3 gift card dealsHere is a cool trick to save a bit of money when you buy mp3’s from iTunes. This way you can save a little bit and download an extra guitar song or two from iTunes next time you buy.

The trick to saving money on mp3’s from itunes is to buy a gift card on eBay for less than the value of the card. Most gift cards on eBay tend to sell for less than the value of the card, so you can perhaps get a $25 gift card for $20. That would save you $5 on mp3’s. It’s nothing too fancy but I just figured I would share the knowledge with you and help you save a few buck.

Here is some helpful info for anyone who does not use eBay yet: eBay Resources for new eBay users.

Keep reading to see some of the current ebay deals on itunes:

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This is a really interesting post I saw on Music Thing quoting Captain Beefheart. It is humorous and poetic and it is worth reading. I don’t think all of the advice is right, but there really is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to music anyways. I just have a different approach to some of what he says. Check it out and let me know what you think: Captain Beefheart's rules for guitarists.

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ebay logoBefore you read this article on buying guitar effects pedals you might want to read Part I of the Buying On eBay series which gives a general overview on buying from eBay as well as some specifics to buying guitars. In this post I am just going to dive right into the specifics on buying guitar effect pedals on eBay.

I personally think that effects pedals are the easiest guitar gear to buy on eBay and have the least risk involved. Why? Well for one most guitar pedals do not cost close to as much as a guitar or an amp. So even if you did end up getting scammed it is not as high of a risk as shelling out $500+ dollars.

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My thoughts on guitar magazines

guitar player magazineMost guitar players are always looking for ways to improve their playing from almost any source available. And with the wealth of information available on the Internet, guitar players can find almost anything they are looking for on guitar topics. But I think this has caused many guitar players to overlook guitar magazines.

Don’t get me wrong; I have learned tons from the Internet. But I learned so many things from guitar magazines that I have not seen online yet. If it weren’t for the guitar magazines I subscribed to over the years I would not be even close to the level of guitar playing I am at today. Many of the ideas I use on this site are things I learned at one time from a guitar magazine.

So why don’t more guitarists subscribe to guitar magazines? Well, I think the main reason is that a lot of people think that anything they can get from a guitar magazine, they can get online. So why pay for it?

Here are a number of reasons why that is bad reasoning and why the Internet is no replacement for a guitar magazine subscription:

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buying guitars on ebay
Many people often consider buying their guitar gear on Ebay but are hesitant to do so for fear of being scammed. In this series on buying guitar gear on Ebay I hope to cover some of the pros and cons of buying guitar gear on Ebay. I will break this down into separate series for different types of guitar gear. In this post I will cover buying a guitar on Ebay.

Reasons people buy on ebay
Before I get into the specifics, let’s talk about the main reason people buy anything from Ebay—to save money. Buying on Ebay will save you money for a number of reasons. First, you have the opportunity to by something used off someone else. If that item is in good condition you can save significantly compared to buying it new. But you can even save on new items on Ebay. Because everyone is bidding on something you will end up paying the fair market value because most people aren’t willing to bid more than an item is worth. It’s classic economics—supply and demand.

Other reasons people buy on Ebay include being able to purchase something that s no longer available in stores and buying non working items and parts to fix themselves.

Why people don’t buy on ebay
The biggest concern with buying on Ebay is getting ripped off or scammed. But Ebay wants you to buy from them and therefore they have put practices in place that drastically limit the chances of you being scammed by another ebayer:

Ebay Feedback System
Ebay has a unique feedback scoring system that gives buyers information on sellers. The feedback system allows users to rate buyers with positive, negative, or neutral feedback, as well as leave a short comment about the transaction. While you I wouldn’t say you should only buy from sellers with 100% positive feedback, I wouldn’t buy from anyone with less than 90% positive feedback. But I also like to make sure the person I am buying from has over 50 feedback scores, and they should be a good mix of buyer and seller feedback.

Fraud Protection
The best way to make sure you are protected against any fraud is to pay with a credit card through PayPal. PayPal offers buyer protection ranging from $200 - $2000 at no extra charge. Plus most credit card companies do not hold you liable for fraudulent charges. This way if anything does happen you will be reimbursed. For more information on fraud protection Click here or read about buyer protection programs.

Buying a guitar on ebay
Now let’s talk about buying your axe on Ebay. Most guitar players need to play a guitar before they shell out cash for it. This prevents a lot of guitar players from even considering Ebay as an option for buying a guitar. But these worries should not stop you from buying on Ebay. Why? There are a few reasons.

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There are a lot of simple things you can do to spice up your guitar soloing. One great technique many guitar players use is string skipping. There are many different ways to use string skipping to beef up your chops. But for this post I just wanted to focus on one simple method you can use.

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A lot of guitar players first learning music theory and scales find it hard to remember notes from the scales and chords they are learning. Forget about remembering the notes of complex modes and chords, even remembering the notes of major and minor scales and chords can be tough.

A helpful way for me to remember chord and scale notes is to create note cards. I do one note card for each major scale (so there are a total of 12 cards). I put the cards in the order of the Circle of Fifths. On each card I have the major scale really big across the top of the card. Then I number each note as follows: 1, 2/9, 3, 4/11, 5, 6/13, 7. The reason I give certain notes two numbers is because it will help me remember their extension names as well. Then I also circle the notes 1, 3, 5, 7. So now I can visually see what the essential chord tones are (I put the numbers below each note).

Now I start writing out common chord names and their notes. So for example on the C major card I would write:

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