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About: Josip

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Josip Pesut
Josip Pesut is a guitarist, composer, songwriter and arranger from Zagreb, Croatia. Always having a stalwart gravity towards music, he easily opened the doors to that creative world at his teen ages, revealing the guitar as his primary expressive instrument. Besides diverse musical influences, especially guitar virtuosos and video game music, there were vast symbolic impacts on his urge and ways to self-express, found in his very life. Inditing ten of his songs, Josip announces a debut instrumental guitar-oriented album 'The Life' to be released at autumn, 2009. The album is a gathering of musical themes describing destruction and creation, and the struggle to remain in the balance between the both. Besides Josip on lead and rhythm guitars, the album features an outstanding bassist Tomislav Lackovic, a drum veteran Nenad Boric and a radiant keboardist Tomo Bacurin. Tomo is also a producer of the album, being well known for his works at Longplay Studio and awarded with numerous awards in regional music domain. Josip enjoys working relationships with many musicians, locally and worldwide. He gets music career mentoring from astonishing virtuoso guitarist Tom Hess. Josip's song 'Our Feeling' is to be released in the compilation of Croatian solo guitarists. He also performs on a compilation 'Rise of the Fliers', which features ten talented musicians allied from all sides of the world, to also be released at autumn, 2009. The ablity to pour his inspiration in all genres of music drove him to share musical ideas with a wide sphere of pop, rock and metal musicians.

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